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Notary FAQs

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Personal Appearance is Required

  • Motor vehicle forms that require notarization usually contain affidavits. An affidavit is a written, sworn statement. The individual making the affidavit—called the affiant—must take an oath or make an affirmation before an official witness—a notary—that the statement on the affidavit is true. An oath or affirmation must be administered by a notary and cannot be administered over the telephone, or even from across the room.DO NOT sign forms or proof of ownership (i.e. the certificate of title or salvage certificate) unless you are in the presence of a notary. Prematurely signing a title, for example, will “Deface” the proof of ownership and render the document useless.

Proper Identification is Required

  • Prior to the completion of any motor vehicle application you will be required to provide an acceptable Proof of I.D.I.D. Options Include:
    • A valid Pennsylvania Photo Driver’s License
    • A valid Pennsylvania Photo I.D. Card
    • A valid Pennsylvania Photo Exempt Driver’s License
    • A valid Pennsylvania Photo Exempt I.D. Card
    • A valid U.S. Armed Forces Common Access Card

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Instant! Online Processing

  • Online Processing makes available the permanent copy of the registration and appropriate stickers (including license plate expiration and weight class stickers) to the customer before he/she leaves our office. For title transfers, customer should expect the new title to arrive at the applicants address within 5-7 business days.

Temporary Plate & Registration

  • Upon completion of a properly executed application for title and/or registration, a temporary registration card and plate will be provided to the customer. A “pink” copy of the proper form will serve as the temporary registration and a metal plate and widow decal will serve as the temporary plate.Upon completed PennDOT processing, a permanent registration card and plate expiration sticker will be mailed to applicants address.

    Out-of-state titles are NOT eligible for online processing. Therefore, the total processing time can take up to 30 days or more. The temporary materials are valid for 90 days and can be used for PA Safety and Emissions Inspections.

    Vehicles presented with an Out-of-state Certificate of Salvage must undergo the Enhanced Inspection Process. Cox Automotive Provides Enhanced Vehicle Safety Inspections. Click here for more information.

VIN Verification

  • When completing an application for an Out-Of-State PA title and registration, the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is required to be verified to ensure that the number listed on the title matches the number on the vehicle’s VIN plate. To do this, the state mandates that a VIN plate tracing is required to be attached to the application or that a certified inspection mechanic or notary public at a motor vehicle dealership verify the VIN and confirm its integrity on the application.

Proof of Insurance

Required Fees

  • Both PennDOT and document processing fees will apply. Most common calculations include a title fee, registration fee, sales tax (if applicable – see below), lien fee (if applicable), license plate fee, and agent documentation fee.

Sales Tax

  • Pennsylvania Sales Tax is 6% (7% if in Allegheny or Philadelphia Counties) and is due at the time of application for title.If sales tax was paid prior to the application for title (for example: You paid a dealer the sales tax on the purchase) you should attach a copy of the proof of Sales Tax Paid to the title application.

Enhanced Inspection

Safety Inspection

Emissions Inspection

  • Pennsylvania is one of the many states required by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency to have a vehicle emissions inspection & maintenance (I/M) program. The I/M program is a key part of the Commonwealth’s strategy to improve its air quality.Mercer County is one of Pennsylvania’s participating counties. For additional County Participant Listings call 800-265-0921.


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