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Enhanced Inspections

Why are they required and what do I need?

Pennsylvania State Safety Inspections have been mandatory for years and in more recent times have been accompanied by State Emissions Inspections, both which have been carried out by approved inspection stations around the State. Beginning in January 2007 the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles amended the PA State Inspection program when they began mandating PA State Enhanced Vehicle Safety Inspections for vehicle owners wishing to obtain “Branded Titles” including: Street Rods, Collectible, Reconstructed, Recovered Theft, Recovered Flood, Modified, and Specialty Constructed Vehicles. This specific inspection also applies to changes in Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and to Mobile Homes.

Cox Automotive has been an approved Safety Inspection and Emissions Station since 2006 but in June of 2007 Cox Automotive became one of only a few in Mercer County to be a State contracted Enhanced Safety Inspection Station and was certified to inspect vehicles with Branded Titles.

For vehicle owner’s seeking a branded title, an Enhanced Vehicle Safety Inspection is performed at our facility and the proper paperwork is completed. Depending on the type of title to be issued, the paperwork is then forwarded directly to PennDOT or submitted to to PennDOT via the OLRS (online registration system).

Please be prepared…

Please plan to be prepared when bringing your vehicle in for an Enhanced Inspection. You will need:

  • Proof of ownership…your title or certificate of salvage
  • VIN specific bill of sale
  • Statement from previous owner (for vehicles completed prior to purchase)
  • Proof of purchase for all parts changed/repaired on the vehicle or trailer 
  • bill of sale and/or certificate of salvage for a vehicle purchased and used for replacement parts (if applicable)
  • a retention letter  (only applicable to insurance buy-back scenarios)
  • a weight slip (for trucks where correct unladen weight is not avail.)
  • proof of insurance
  • Current PA Driver’s License (for all applicable parties)
  • when necessary other supporting documentation (for instance if you build a trailer from a kit – you will be required to supply a detailed description of the build).

For additional information, please contact us at 724-253-4973. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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