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Collision Repair

Had a fender bender?  Hit a deer?  Not to worry… Cox Automotive is here to “straighten” you out. We are a full service Auto Body/Collision repair facility.

  • We repair all makes & models
  • Offer Free Estimates with No appointment necessary
  • Accept payment from all insurance companies

Specializing in:

Collision Repair

From major repairs to minor fender benders, we can help. Our qualified staff will bring your automobile back to a pre-loss condition in a manner that is most convenient to you. We accept payment from all insurances and will gladly provide you with a free estimate.

Caution: Pennsylvania laws states that insurance companies are not allowed to dictate where you have your automobile repaired. It is also a common misconception that you must obtain more than one estimate. Please be aware, you only need one estimate and you choose your repair facility. It’s the Law!

R-Title Repair

Looking to save money on the purchase of a newer vehicle? Perhaps you’ve been involved in an accident; however, you’re not ready to part with your car. Either way, Cox Automotive can assist you by making all of the necessary repairs and servicing your  inspection requirements associated with an R-Title Rebuild.

Our trained staff will diligently work with our state of the art equipment to restore your automobile to its original condition. Our superb auto body repair skills, coupled with the use of our Black Jack vector pulling automotive rack (link to below), our superb product line, and our unprecedented commitment to quality service will lead you down the path of unquestionable value.

Restoration Repair

On occasion, we also restore “everyday drivers”. PA harsh winter driving conditions often leave automotive bodies damaged. We have the skill and equipment to remove and install new cab corners, rocker panels, fenders, etc…to bring your vehicle back to a desirable state and make it safe under PA Safety Inspection requirements.  However, as honesty is our policy, we will be truthful in telling you if your vehicle no longer bares the value to repair.  We want you to spend your money wisely!


Looking to spice up your old ride? We can help here too. Let us know what you’re looking for. Check out some of our customized jobs. 

Frame Straightening

Cox Automotive uses a vector pulling system manufactured in the USA by Advanced Collision Repair Systems. Unlike conventional domestic pulling systems, our Black Jack Frame Machine utilizes the Vector pulling on a drive on rack which offers us the most versatility of the frame machines on the market.

Our frame straightening services are often coupled with our collision repairs, but are also offered independently. Salvage yards, the do-it-yourselfer, and dealerships find our pulling services very convenient, cost effective, and dependable.